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Few words about me Nice to meet You!

Hello, welcome to my website.

I am an architecture and interior photographer based in Rome, Italy, I love to photograph yachts and hotels, but sometimes I also switch to other sectors of photography. I like to blend natural and artificial light, most spaces give their best at a certain time of year, by mixing natural and artificial light we can get close enough to that magical moment. I work mainly for architects, luxury real estate, shipyards, interior designers, companies and construction companies. with my open personality, years of experience and an affinity for light I can perform any kind of assignment. I am also a tech geek, so I like to keep my equipment up to date with the latest technologies, I can organize an online collaboration at any time, giving the client the ability to review and annotate the images they just took.

And all this is at your disposal, contact me.

Alessio Capotondi

Modalitá di lavoro My Favourite Tools!

Over time I have learned to carefully select the working tools. My favorite tools are my inseparable Fujifilm GFX50S, PROFOTO strobes and accessories, Canon's architectural Tilt / Shift lenses, the CamRanger paired with the iPad pro and of course Fujifilm's awesome GF lenses.

How it Happen? Post Production

Here I like to show you photo processing. Sometimes you can't see the result without a direct comparison. Then I will show you the direct comparison photo before and after processing, where I have retouched the photo, removed the background noise and improved the color brightness.

Photo Processing

Lighting Creating a Photograph

Using the right tools, we can illuminate an environment that, for various reasons, does not have adequate lighting.

Photo Processing

Lighting Illuminate a space

using artificial lighting we can create the atmosphere we want and need.

Illuminate a space

Lighting Cloudy weather

How can we overcome hard situations.

Illuminazione fotografica

Illuminazione Bad weather and drone.

Sometimes the weather is not helping.

Illuminazione fotografica
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